Catholic Today is the newspaper for the Archdiocese of Birmingham. The editor in chief is Archbishop Bernard Longley and it is the primary communication vehicle of this large diocese.

Catholic Today is a Catholic faith newspaper and is published monthly, 32pp, full colour and tabloid. It offers its 20,000 readers a rich and eclectic mix of feature, articles, columns, profiles, interviews, comment and catechesis.

Catholic Today is a platform from which Archbishop Longley speaks to the Catholic faith community month after month.

“Catholic Today offers comment and reflection on the kind of issues which impact living the Christian life in our world today.”

Catholic Today was launched in February 2005 and has been well received in the diocese. The newspaper captures the diverse, varied and rich Catholic life within the diocese.

Catholic Today reaches into the 250 schools in the diocese and is a way for each school to celebrate the Catholic life within the school and offer a window into the great work that goes on in our schools day after day.

Catholic Today costs only 50p a copy. It is available also by subscription and delivered directly to your door for £8.99 per year.

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