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New Year Zorbathon Challenge

Join us in our New Year Super Zorbathon Challenge! Would YOU like to take part in our Super Zorbathon Challenge in aid of International Prison and Faith Outreach?

Or how about nominating your Parish Priest or Head teacher to take part!!

In March 2012 we will be completing the Super Zorbathon Challenge, we have FREE* places available on our team and would love to hear from you!

The Super Zorbathon is a huge Zorbing event and is all about raising money for International Prison Outreach and International Faith Outreach.

What is Zorbing?

Zorbing, otherwise known as “sphering” is THE  latest adrenalin filled sport and suitable for participants aged 12 and over**  We are offering our team members 2 ways in which to take part.


Harnessed Sphere

A 12ft inflatable ball which holds 2 thrill seekers in harnesses secured to the inside of the sphere. You are then rolled down a specially designed course at speeds of up to 30mph!


Aqua Sphere

Just the same as the harness, although you’re not strapped in… and a bucket of water is thrown in for maximum fun. As seen on ITV’s ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.’ The sphere has a capacity of up to 3 thrill seekers.

The choice is yours!

What is International Prison Outreach?

Launched in 1996 International Prison Outreach is a well established charity that supports prisoners in their faith. Every month thousands of  Bible Alive magazines and many other resources are distributed to prisons all over the world,

made possible only due to generous donations and fundraising.

Recently our Chaplain has been moved on by our Bishop. The Chaplain has been with us for four years, we had a choir and Bible studies and we also got the Bible Alive magazine every month! Our Chaplain is now leaving and so I plead

with allmy heart that you would still send us the Bible Alive… we all used the Bible Alive book to extend and understand our faith more. I certainly did.

HMP Bronzefield

I have been reading Bible Alive as a Catholic, for three years and three months…I gain so much peace from it. I always start my morning with a Rosary, then Bible Alive, (plus Walk with Me at this time and in Lent) then the Word for today… they all bring me much grace and love. HMP Whatton

What is International Faith Outreach?

International Faith Outreach is a charity that send subscriptions of Bible Alive magazine, Bibles and other faith resources to faith communities in parts of the world where resources are in short supply. We believe it is a basic human right for everyone in the world to have a Bible if they indeed wish to have one. The Bible is the word of God, freely given and freely received. As the demand on this fund grows we want to continue to be able to send more bibles, books and resources to missionaries, catechists and parish workers who labour and serve in the third world.

I saw with joy that in the Bible Alive June you wrote on the martyrs of Uganda. I was for nine years a Novitiate of the Comboni Sisters that is placed in the hill above the lake where the great number of martyrs were burned in Namugongo Valley. Thanks for publishing their heroic faith. We pray the Lord will bless your great apostolate with Bible Alive and pray for you.

Sr Patricia Clerici, Uganda

I do greet you in Christ’s name. I am okay and doing good. It was a moment of pleasure to me when I received my first subscription [of Bible Alive].This will really go a long way in my formation to priesthood. I would like to thank you for the Lent issue and the Bible Alive June Issue. I received them at the same time. Continue doing your good work of letting the universe being informed by the Word of God. George Kasiyandima St Augustine’s Regional Major Seminary, Zimbabwe

For more information and to register your interest in the Super Zorbathon Challenge please call Tasha on 01782 745600 or email

*Subject to minimum fundraising amount of £250 **Minimum height 1.4m, Minimum age 12 years, Parental Consent required for all participants age 12-18 years. Maximum age of participants 65.

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