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The Blessed Disciplines of Lent

The Lenten urge to give, fast and pray runs deep. Hazel Sillver takes a closer look at these enjoyable disciplines. During Lent, it is traditional to echo Christ’s time in the desert by committing ourselves to a discipline. Since his 40 days and 40 nig …

Mountain of Faith

A Lenten fast and time of prayer was at the centre of St Patrick’s life – and we can walk in his footsteps today, and learn from his example. Faith Today reports.If Lent has a physical presence in our corner of Europe, a mountain in County Mayo in west …

When God Calls, How do we Answer?

On 25 March the Church celebrates the feast of the Annunciation. Lucy Russell explains how that moment in history speaks to her heart and her experience, and how her thoughts on it are helped by a piece of high Renaissance art.‘The Angel Gabriel was se …

Forty Days and Forty Nights

Why do we fast during Lent? And what do the traditions of veiling icons and sprinkling ash signify? Hazel Sillver looks at the history and meaning of 12 Lenten customs.The Judean desert, which lies to the east of Jerusalem, is the landscape of Lent: it …

Across the World

Maria McCann has devoted her life to helping others. But she never forgot one family in Peru – and three decades after she last saw them, she flew thousands of miles to look for them. Joanna Moorhead tells the story.The one-room house was cramped and p …

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Alive Publishing is a Catholic publishing house. The company, which has charitable status, was incorporated in 1996 with the launch of Bible Alive, a Catholic scripture magazine, rooted in the daily and Sunday liturgy of the Catholic Church.

As a Catholic publishing company we look to scriptures, the living tradition of the church, the saints both ancient and new, the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI for inspiration, guidance and light. Our bespoke publications, including Catholic magazines, books and newspapers are rooted in a vision which is informed by the Holy Spirit, guided by the teaching authority of the Catholic Church and strengthened by daily conversion, repentance and prayer.

Alive Publishing produces Catholic Today, the Catholic newspaper for the Birmingham Archdiocese, and the new Faith Today magazine.

Walk with Me is a prayer and scripture journey for the seasons of Advent, Lent and Easter.

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